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femmexfemme's Journal

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this is a community for lesbian fiction, fanart, and whathaveyou. sound fun? read these rules and join then. :D

1. respect everyone else. no flaming.

2. for the love of god, don't be stupid. as in, no posts like D00D I WANNA C HOT CHIX MAKIN OUT. please. no phobe-ness either.

3. femme/femme stuff only. (sorry haruka fans!)

4. this is not a dating service.

5. when posting stuff, put it behind an LJ-cut tag and include a warning if you need to. if you don't, we'll have to edit your post.

6. no plagiarism! derr.

7. this isn't a rule, but it had to be said. we creators of femme-femme are NOT against butch girls, or butch/femme pairings. This is just a place for femme-femme ones.